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Artist: Laïs


Illustrator, character designer and beatmaker,
Laïs is a multidisciplinary French artist based in
Marseille (France), passionate about portraiture, the analysis
of faces and bodies, particularly through photography, cinema and Japanese animation.
Nowadays, his plastic practice focuses on portraiture that he develops in very large formats.
It enables to establish a physical relationship between the viewer and his works. 
His paintings and drawings are made from techniques that he developed, carried out using mediums such as oil paint, charcoal or black stone.
They are characterized by intersecting and superimposed touches, carried out in an energetic, spontaneous, almost violent gesture, in a sort of clinch with the canvas.
"My inspirations are:
literature, cinema,art
African cultures ..."
His current artistic production tends mainly towards monochrome, using white, black, shades of gray, tears and sometimes colors but with limited range.
This approach aims to help him creates his own pictorial language, to question the work under the prisms of
time, medium and format, while bringing a singular expressive force to it.
"...I've always been 
passionate about
 portraiture, the analysis
faces and bodies..."
"SEIGI HEROES means the vigilantes or the heroes of justice in Japanese. Through my brand I bet on timeless, such as: sweatshirts, t-shirts, hoodies and trying to offer each season a very limited series of cool and modern pieces combining fashion, music, Japanese culture, art.


Above all, SEIGI HEROES is  an entity that allows me to bring together everything that fascinates me: manga, character design, illustration, painting, music, fashion and design, in a unique concept of its kind.
For me to paint, to draw and to have the creative process in constant awakening is an existential need, which takes precedence over everything."

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