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We are a deep tech organization which develops machine learning and AI models to motorsport.

They interact with human to go beyond current standards of safety and performance.


our vision

Motorsport is the full-scale lab where the Human / Machine (AI) symbiosis will occur in extreme contexts.

Building racing skills exchange between human perception and machine perception (AI) for safety and performances.

We are bridging the gap between human’s and machine’s limits.

our mission

our purpose | driver's safety

100% of the sport depend on track clearance and spectator placed in safe areas.
Obvious hazardous objects or spectators localization (open roads) are reported by marshalls and drivers.

Danger comes when unexpected event happen out of line of sight and beyond human senses.

Machine -car, moto- perception is not used to detect unspotted objects or to predict its drop point if it goes off the track.

debris detection demo | >>>

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