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Autonomous Racing Track Agent


How to build a simulated racing track driver that would learn to drive based on vision with the intuition of a racing line?


VRONA® BOT88 is a self-driving car project that leans toward building an autonomous racing driver model based on plain input vision (no lane and surface detectors preprocessing). It learns to control a Porsche 911 GT3 R on (Barcelona) Catalunya GP racetrack in the notorious high quality racing simulation (sim-racing) title, Project Cars 2™.
The underlying idea is like a racing driver that uses his/her senses (then skills) to perform, the agent should learn in the same context as a driver.
DDPG algorithm has been used with asymmetric actor-critic. This publishing is focused on BOT88’s training phase.

Development made with Python 3.6 –  Keras. Computation made on MS Azure virtual machine with Nvidia GPU.


GitHub >>> /vrona/BOT88
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