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100% (images + metadata) on-chain NFTs.
MetaHackers DApp (decentralized application) computes and stores on-chain 35 ko (avg.) svg images with their metadata from random generated traits and features.


Winsiders Agency needed to make a proof of concept called MetaHackers.
Basically, it was a game where players paired up as team to win thanks to card of hackers.
Each card (MetaHacker, then) was unique and had its own value based on real-time random combination of genes and features. The mix of genes was composed on fly.

Asset #1: the cards where minted on Polygon layer-two blockchain (which is attached to Ethereum blockchain).
Asset #2: Chainlink decentralized oracle network has been integrated into the flow to obtain real verified random number,
Asset #3: card’s graphic design was hosted into the blockchain (not on decentralized network such as IPFS or, nor a link to a classical Internet storage).
Indeed, regarding the concerned generation, all graphical traits of hackers where uploaded as svg strings into the blockchain and then called to operate the mix of genes imposed by a dedicated smart contract.
Asset #4: svg code optimization have been done. VRONA brought some creative solutions like “rain of code” background to replace an heavy detailed background.
Asset #5: data url that contains MetaHacker’s unique graphics traits were ‘hosted’ into a transaction as bytes.

Developments made with Solidity, deployed on Mumbai (polygon testnet) thanks to Alchemy.

Metadata respects Opensea‘s compliances.


GitHub >>> vrona/MetaHackers