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SLWS (aka 'Sir Lewis')


Tokenization of artwork.


SLWS (aka ‘Sir Lewis’) is the fruit of the collaboration between The Blockchain studio for Artists & Athletes, IIROW BC® and the artist, Laïs.
IIROW BC® is the VRONA’s blockchain division.

Laïs is a visual artist, character designer, illustrator & beatmaker. Beside its activities, he is the founder and designer of Seigi Heroes brand.
He has achieved the amazing drawing of size 75 x 109.7 cm, entitled ‘Sir Lewis’, which represents the Formula One record-breaker: Lewis Hamilton.
This artwork has been made with black stone and charcoal.
IIROW BC® has taken charge of the tokenization of the work, which became an NFT of name of ‘SLWS’, the content and music production.

SLWS (aka ‘Sir Lewis’) has been minted via Opensea.